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|| Mantra for Eye strain or pain ||

This mantra is a must for everybody using the computer.

Eyestrain is a common thing now a days .Jap of this mantra will eliminate eyestrain. and give relief to your eyes.


| om namo rama ka dhanush lakshman ka ban |

|| aankh dard kare to lakshman kumar ki aan ||



|| mantra for all kinds of diseases ||

This is a kind of all in one mantra. Especially useful when a person is suffering from a malady of illnesses.


||  van me baithi vanari anjani jayo hanumanta,

 bala damaru vyahi bilai

aankh ko pida

chawrasi bai bali bali bhasma ho jaye

pake n fute

pida kare to gorakh jati raksha kare

guru ki shakti

meri bhakti furo mantra vacha ||

                                        || Mantra to remove Evil eye ||

This mantra is specially used ,when a person is facing problems ,due to evil eye and life gets difficult. Jap of this mantra eliminates the evil eye.


||  om namo satyanam aadesh guru ko

om namo najar jaha par pir n jani bole chhal so amrut vani

kaho nagar kaha te aai jaha ki thhor tohi kawn batai

kawn jat teri kaha thham kisaki beti kaha tero nam

kaha udi kaha ki jaya jaisi hoi sunauaaya

telan tamolan chuhadi chamari kayathani khatharani kumhari

mahat rani raja ki rani jako dosh tahi sir par pade

jahar pir najar se rakha kare meri bhakti guru ki shakti

furo mantra ishwari vacha ||


|| Mantra to ease jaundice ||

This  mantra is to ease pain from people effected by jaundice. This is very useful and simple to chant and was used in olden times before medicine was discovered.



|| om namo vir betal asaral

nar kahe tu dev khadi tu vadi

piliya ku bhidati kare jhare piliya rahe n ek nishan

jo kahi rah jaye hanumanta ki aan

meri bhakti guru ki shakti furo mantra vacha  ||

|| Blackmagic Removing Anushthaan ||

|| Black Magic Removing Pujan ||


This Puja Is Beneficial for................. Removing Ghosts, Evil Spirit and Black Magic Related Problems.

Tantrik Effects........

 Whenever you face such situations, feel assured that someone has used Kala Jadoo or Black Magic on you, as a result of which all your efforts become ineffective.

Though such Tantrik power is not easy, but some Tantriks expertise in it and torture innocent souls at the behest of selfish and greedy people.

Some Blackmagic / Kala Jadoo Effects....

  • Sudden unnatural deaths in the family.

  • If you are having ghost related problems.

  • Suicidal tendencies, or a desire to move away from family.

  • Too much hidden enemy problems

  • Continuous illness of any member of the family.

  • Under standing problems between the family member.

  • Too much weakness associated with obesity and being short tempered.

  • Constant worries in future life.

  • Sterility, without any physical deficiency or without any medical reason.

  • Sudden quarrels between brothers or the members of the family, without any reason

  • Repeated miscarriages or death of the children.

  • Problems in the construction of house, factory or any other building.

  • No desire to live. Feels suffocated. Life seems useless. No desire to rise in life.

  • Loss of peace due to the fear of enemies and their evil designs.

  • Loss in the business of property.

  • Ill-health and under-development of children

  • Discord between spouses or the family

  • Continuous illness. All treatments fail.

Special Tantra Raksha Kavach Puja......

Our society is ridden with enmity, jealousy, and prejudices. Hence people use Kala Jadoo / Black-Magic against each other, as a result of which, the victim remains disturbed, depressed and ultimately he meets his disaster. Business is ruined, health deteriorates, loss and mental ailment result in untimely death. Due to a maran effects, he resembles a moving corpse. We receive thousand of such letters, with such problems. We "Tantra Raksha Kavach "by doing  puja, which is Mantra Siddh, Pranpratishtthit, (i.e. energized by Mahakal Bhairav mantra) and this is very effective.

After puja as soon as one wears it, all his troubles start decreasing. A different Yantra is energised specially for every individual. No Tantra Power is effective on its user. Rather the Kala Jadoo / Black Magic boomerangs back at the Tantrik practicing it. Even if we are under the spell of Black Magic, its use will cure the some weeks.

|| Mantra to increase sales ||

This mantra is for business class people to increase sales in their business. Chanting this mantra is a way to earn in plenty. Every amavasya you can do this mantra.


||  om bhavar vir tuchela mera khol dukan bikara kar mera

uthai jo dandi bikai jo mal bhavar vir so nahi jaya ||


|| Mahavidya Bagalamukhi Pujan ||
|| Mata Bagalamukhi Poojan ||
Mahavidya Bagalamukhi puja, about Mahavidya Bagalamukhi puja, Mahavidya Bagalamukhi puja mumbai, Mahavidya Bagalamukhi puja shop

Beneficial for........... Giving Victory on legal case, Victory over enemies, Win the heart of your loved one, Removinng Black magic

Mahavidya Bagalamukhi. Three eyes, wearing yellow clothes and gems, moon as her diadem, wearing champaka blossoms, with one hand holding the tongue of an enemy and with the left hand spiking him, thus should you meditate on the paralizer of the three worlds
She is the goddess of black magic, of poisons. She rules over the subtle perception which make us feel at a distance the death or misery of those we know. She incites men to torture one another.
Mahavidya Bagalamukhi revels in suffering - enemies and evils. In Hinduism, Mahavidya Bagalamukhi is one of the 8th Mahavidyas. Bagalamukhi Devi smashes the devotee's misconceptions and delusions by her cudgel.

Mahavidya Bagalamukhi Maha Mantram meaning is as below:

Oh Goddess (Maata), paralyze the speech and feet of all evil people. Pull their tongue, destroy their intellect.

A demon named Madan undertook austerities and won the boon of vak siddhi, according to which anything he said came about. He abused this boon by harassing innocent people. Enraged by his mischief, the gods worshipped Bagalamukhi. She stopped the demon's rampage by taking hold of his tongue and stilling his speech. Before she could kill him, however, he asked to be worshipped with her, and she relented, That is why he is depicted with her. Mahavidya Bagalamukhi. Devi is one of the ten Hindu Goddess of Power. Mahavidya Bagalamukhi. Puja is performed as per Tantrik way to defeat enemies, it not only decrease the power of the enemy but also create an atmosphere where he or she becomes helpless. Energize or Abhimantrit Bagla Mukhi Yantra is also used for the same purpose. It protects the person from enemies


|| Tara Mantra ||


|| om hleem treem hum fatt ||

|| aing hleem shreem kleem hasoha hum ugratatre hum fatt  ||

                                    ********** Mantra For Attraction by Lord Hanuman*****************

"ॐ अमुक-नाम्ना ॐ नमो वायु-सूनवे झटिति आकर्षय-आकर्षय स्वाहा।"

विधि- केसर, कस्तुरी, गोरोचन, रक्त-चन्दन, श्वेत-चन्दन, अम्बर, कर्पूर और तुलसी की जड़ को घिस या पीसकर स्याही बनाए। उससे द्वादश-दल-कलम जैसा ‘यन्त्र’ लिखकर उसके मध्य में, जहाँ पराग रहता है, उक्त मन्त्र को लिखे। ‘अमुक’ के स्थान पर ‘साध्य’ का नाम लिखे। बारह दलों में क्रमशः निम्न मन्त्र लिखे-

१. हनुमते नमः, २. अञ्जनी-सूनवे नमः, ३. वायु-पुत्राय नमः, ४. महा-बलाय नमः, ५. श्रीरामेष्टाय नमः, ६. फाल्गुन-सखाय नमः, ७. पिङ्गाक्षाय नमः, ८. अमित-विक्रमाय नमः, ९. उदधि-क्रमणाय नमः, १०. सीता-शोक-विनाशकाय नमः, ११. लक्ष्मण-प्राण-दाय नमः और १२. दश-मुख-दर्प-हराय नमः।

यन्त्र की प्राण-प्रतिष्ठा करके षोडशोपचार पूजन करते हुए उक्त मन्त्र का ११००० जप करें। ब्रह्मचर्य का पालन करते हुए लाल चन्दन या तुलसी की माला से जप करें। आकर्षण हेतु अति प्रभावकारी है।